About us

Passion for textiles

Squid is developed and produced by Lampe_textiles in Tielt, Belgium. Thanks to textiles engineer and founder, Philippe Lampe, the company has grown into a blossoming textiles enterprise over the last 35 years. As a manufacturer of aesthetic and functional interior fabrics, Lampe_textiles is renowned for its creativity and reliability. Driven by its passion for textiles and love of all things beautiful, Lampe_textiles strives to develop fabrics that inspire creativity and a sense of emotion. Quality and innovation are also top priorities. We're constantly on the lookout for innovative textiles solutions.

About Lampe_textiles

The Eureka moment

Squid is the result of a collaboration between Philippe and his son, Thibaut. In 2014, Thibaut asked is father if he could develop curtains that didn't damage the wall. He wasn't allowed to attach anything to the walls in his new student digs. The solution had to afford him the required privacy, but without fully blocking the view during the day like window-covering film.

Father Lampe took on the challenge and the eureka moment came a few months later. Following initial testing, Philippe realised it must be possible to produce self-adhesive ‘curtains’ which still allowed you to see out during the day, but stopped others from being able to look in. The product was finally ready and patented after over two years of development and testing.

More about Squid


The child was given a name: Squid. The mission: ‘to make the world more beautiful, with a one-way window’. Despite its simplicity, the product is innovative, functional and sophisticated. So now our challenge is to make Squid familiar and accessible. Squid is a solution for any type of window, interior or architecture. Squid is for everyone.

Our future

It's also our challenge to keep the textiles heritage alive. We always keep a broad view when considering new product developments and innovations, and aim to provide textiles solutions to make our lives easier and more beautiful.